A year ago today, we woke early and made coffee. We watched men put our things into a truck. We packed our tiny car with what we needed for 6 weeks, we stuffed the dogs in there too.

I remember driving away, whispering farewells to the house we’d called home, to the neighbours we’d called friends, to my favourite tree down my favourite street. When we left the familiar city boundaries, we turned the volume up and sang our sorrow into excitement and bubbly beginnings.

It’s been 365 sleeps (366 to be exact, since it was a leap year), and just as many emotions. Exhilarating days discovering our neighbourhood, our city, and days missing the comfort of the known. There’s still so much we haven’t done or seen, still so much to hold our attention.

I miss the forest and the river steps away from our front door. I miss the wisdom of the wind singing harmonies with the leaves.

But the trees in Montreal are approachable. They’ve been around people so much, they know exactly what to do with us.

And living in French has rekindled a part of me that had been forgotten.

So… here’s to another orbit around the sun.
Here’s to newness and challenge and discovery.
Here’s to transforming a house into a home, acquaintances into friendships.
Here’s to roots breaking through cement.


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Published by myriam khouzam

i am interested by life's simple intricacies. i am silence and noise. i am duality. i am a raw treat making, yoga teaching, dog walking lover of life.

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  1. You turned a chalenging year into a discovery year! There are plenty of wonders to be still discovered, experiences to be enjoyed, lessons to be learned…
    Enjoy the ride!

  2. I love reading your posts. They make me think, make me smile, make me remember, make me wonder. I like that.

    Big hugs to you and L!


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  3. Joyeuses Pâques, Myriam! Toujours un réel bonheur de te lire! Je pense souvent à toi et suis bien contente que tu puisse vivre une bonne partie de ta nouvelle vie en français. Je comprends très bien ce besoin, comme tu sais. En mai, je serai à Laval et à Montréal; ce serait super de te revoir le temps d’une pause-café. Comment peut-on s’y prendre? Souvenirs amicaux.

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